Abram 游戏类’ ingenious flickbook of Shakespeare’s complete works

游戏类’ daughter has made one of the late designer’s long lost inventions a reality, after discovering a dummy version of the book among his extensive archive of designs

Abram 游戏类 is one of Britain’是20世纪最珍贵的设计人物。生于1914年的他以在英国的工作而闻名’是第二次世界大战期间的官方战争海报画家,并在1951年为不列颠艺术节创建了标志。

A lesser known fact about 游戏类 is that he became increasingly obsessed with inventions. Later in life, he designed products including a vacuum coffee maker for Cona 和 a copying machine small enough to fit in the palm of someone’s hand.

Abram 游戏类; © Philip Sayer

Now, one of 游戏类’随着发行商Pallas Athene发行的动画电影,未实现的发明正在被生动地展现出来,该小说通过他的剧本标题逐渐展现出威廉·莎士比亚的面孔。这本书涵盖了莎士比亚的全部37个’s plays in the 要么 der that they were printed, 和 is based on the now world-famous poster 游戏类 was 要么 iginally commissioned to create for a Royal Shakespeare 剧院 fundraising initiative in 1975.

游戏类’女儿内奥米(Naomi)于1996年去世后,他首次发现了这本小说集的模型。“亚伯兰去世后,我不得不照顾他的庞大档案[包括] 60年来的数百张进步主义者和点点滴滴’ worth of work,” she says. “在那堆中,有一个假人亚伯兰(Abram)用电影书制成。在最初的海报制作两年后,他对其进行了设计,并始终决心有一天将其发布。做我父亲’的女儿,我也是,我发现一个勇敢的出版商愿意接受它。”

Alongside the flickbook, 游戏类 also uncovered a document titled Shakespeare Title-Portrait Project. The document listed design specifications for a whole host of other objects inspired by 游戏类’原始海报,包括一把雨伞,杯子,拼图玩具和玻璃器皿。现在,她希望将父亲所设想的这些假象变成现实,并伴以 Kickstarter活动 与这本书的发行相吻合。

莎士比亚电影集:威廉·莎士比亚的喜剧,历史和悲剧由 雅典娜帕拉斯 和费用£8.99