Ed 切沃顿 on the joys of toy making

Illustrator 和 toy maker Ed 切沃顿 uses found objects 和 silly faces to create toys that are a collectible extension of his artistic practice

“我认为我制作的第一个玩具是在大学三年级的。它是几个涂漆的聚苯乙烯球,看起来像一个身体和头部,然后用金属丝雕刻手和脚。那不是’t good,” reflects illustrator, artist 和 toy maker Ed 切沃顿 on his first foray into toy building. 

切沃顿’s work is a happy mix of colourful illustration 和 mixed media collage work, with toy making also now a solid part of his practice. As well as providing the opportunity to work with different materials, 切沃顿 says 它 enables him to create new worlds, stories 和 characters. “我努力让我的作品保持俏皮,有趣和充满欢乐,”他谈到他的整体工作。“我想这源于一个事实,那就是我一生中最有趣的事情是制作艺术,我想表明自己喜欢我’m making.”